Strategic Solutions

Monash Private Capital offers independent corporate, strategic and financial solutions to multinational corporations, publicly listed companies, privately owned businesses, government agencies and high net worth entrepreneurs. We have a passion and appetite to identify, structure and execute successful transactions in both public and private markets.

Our experienced team has been involved in a multitude of transactions in a range of industries across various jurisdictions. We provide solutions to corporate situations which are not in the “business as usual” category, such as divestments, acquisitions, mergers, capital raisings and strategic reviews. Our skills in valuation and modelling are matched by our practical advice in implementing transformational milestones. We are frequently relied on as the “trusted advisor” to our clients, retained at a board level to provide ongoing strategic assistance. This close working relationship makes us long term partners to our clients with a strong understanding of their long term goals.

Our straightforward advice backed up by solid analysis, sound logic and our own commercial experiences. Our expertise in finding creative solutions and maximising value for shareholders allows management to maintain focus on running their business. As a result we have the trust, respect and loyalty of our clients who want to work with us in the knowledge that we give them the right advice, irrespective of size or public profile.