General Sir John Monash - A Deep Legacy

General Sir John Monash is widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s most distinguished and outstanding military leaders. General Sir Monash led a division at Gallipoli and achieved recognition through his brilliant command of the Australian Army Corps in France during World War 1. Some acclaimed him as one of the best of the Allied Generals during that war.

General Sir Monash was an Australian born son of Prussian-Jewish immigrant parents. In addition to his military achievements, he was highly successful academically as well as a gifted linguist, talented musician, appreciated the theatre and the arts and was involved in many community activities. Upon his death in 1932, he was accorded a State Funeral, and his funeral procession was one of the largest seen in Melbourne. The Monash legacy continues to be recognised particularly in his home State of Victoria, lending his name to a number of public institutions, including the city of Monash, Monash University and Monash Freeway.

Monash strove for excellence in all fields. His tremendous success was largely attributed to his unwavering integrity, intense discipline and resilience, meticulous organisational and tactical skills, and ability to innovate. His collaborative yet decisive leadership earned him the utmost respect and loyalty of his troops and the broader community.

It is with this legacy in mind that Monash Private Capital’s foundations and core values have been established with an aim to building lasting value for all our stakeholders.

“…equip yourself for life, not solely for your own benefit but for the benefit of the whole community.”
- Sir John Monash